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Originally Posted by atlantra View Post
[snip] and not some stolen tech that's gonna make everyone choose 1 faction.
This is the purpose of lockbox consoles entirely.

Some consoles just make so much sense, and are so great, they need to be cross-faction (Plasmonic Leech being an obvious example). Not to mention, having a romulan in a non-Warbird and the frustration of owning a Valdore but not being able to use it's console.

If you need a RP reason, think about the real world. When one faction obtains a new technology, there isn't much time delay between other factions obtaining the very same technology, via combinations of espionage, realizing what is possible, background discoveries that naturally lead to such innovations, and of course the mother of all inventions being necessity, what could be more necessary than a rival having tech in an arms race that is superior to your own?