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11-06-2013, 02:41 PM
Any fans of the Star Trek Armada II Mod: Fleet Operations out there...

They have some great Romulan Models that I would love to see added to the STO game:

Generix Class -- "A medium sized and ranged unit, the Generix is equipped with torpedo weaponry. This load out enables it to deal high damage to large sized vessels as well as many medium sized ships - such as those the Borg would field. Bear in mind that it bears weaponry of a limited attack arc and it is thus important to consider this in fleet composition as well as hit and run attacks."

Rhienn Class -- "A relatively fast, small sized destroyer, the Rhienn is equipped with long range pulse weaponry. Although this unit is not equipped with exceedingly powerful weaponry, the Rhienn is an excellent distraction unit."

Shrike Class -- "Designed to counter Starfleet's Defiant Class, this vessel is fast maneuverable, armed with plasma cannons and projectile weaponry. In addition it as the added benefit of being able to transport away teams while cloaked."

Griffin Class -- "A medium ranged and sized cruiser, this beam based vessel is an effective warship against all sizes of enemy vessels "

& Leahval Class Science Ship
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