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Pets and warp plasma seem to be worse. Specifically pets that put out a plasma stream. I think lots of tractors does have an impact too. Conventional weapons and boff abilities have never been demonstrated to me to be a contributor to lag. I believe it is always pet involved situations when the whole team reports issues. If it is just me, I attribute it to my internet.
Elite Scorps, Yellowstones, Elite Interceptors...are just painful on local resources depending on your rig. Throw in all the GWs, EWP, and the's gotten kind of funny trying to do things in Ker'rat for me. I'll be 10-15km past the target before anything fires - yeah, I'll actually be launching aft torps outside of the 10km range...because my system is so bogged down with everything.

It's been funny with some folks patting themselves on the back already, while I think I'm still fighting. It just hasn't caught up to me yet that I've been dead for a wee while under all the spam.
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