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11-06-2013, 11:14 PM
Originally Posted by drkfrontiers View Post
Thats a great idea!

If you can please add your @handle, @career, @ship, @timezone.

That way we can put together some teams. The idea is to build on FACTION PLAY.

Strengthen the KDF pride. Come on folks. Its not about PvP, winning or loosing!

I see that there have been a lot of views but few replies. Don't be shy or disenchanted. Take a stand!

Lets get together and throw a Bat'leth Ball!!!

For each warrior that participates I offer to create you a forum presence for free!! Avatar + Signature. (Lookie mine if you likey).

I am looking for 25 players i.e 5 teams.

ok, where do you want me to put my handle and all?