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Originally Posted by theraven2378 View Post
try tacs in obelisk carriers, got that today, point is the Obelisk is engineer and sci heavy and limited tac wise.

Everytime i see tacs in Obelisks, the panic alarm rings

Objection. I fly it currently as a fun-ship (on my weakest char), since i wait till i get the JHHEC and wanted something different than a raptor. Correctly flown, it can do its 15k dps on a tac, and 11.5k on a engineer. Aux2Bat of course. You can fly cure with 60% teamdamage and can do optional.

As it is with every ship, it strongly comes down to the captain, not to the ship
though you are correct, it doesnt really fit a tac. but to be honest, it doesnt really fit any class, since its that limited.

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