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11-07-2013, 03:23 AM
For the record, I fly a FAE, DHC/Turret with KCB and the new ODBA.

Khitomer Vortex Elite

Engineer Flying Heavy Cruiser Retrofit (Not Fleet Variant)
Engineer Flying Star Cruiser.
Science flying D'Kyr
Science flying Atrox (Cannon/Turrets, with a horrid turn radius)

(Premade, same fleet ID, can't recall the name)

In theory, that should be a decent group. They even inform me that they're recording DPS for this run, so I'm looking forward to it...Until this is said.

"Little escorts handle the probes, let the big boys handle the rest." (Heavy Cruiser player speaking)

So, I ask, "why do you figure I can't handle myself?"

"Listen noob, I pull 4k DPS in this ship, I don't need you slowing us down."

So, annoyingly, seeing as how they weren't even going to engage probes, they left me to deal with them...Cue each of them calling a Borg Cube. Cue only the D'Kyr surviving theirs...Cue this little escort proceeding to blow apart the remaining Cubes (who were barely below 70%), while telling the D'Kyr to handle the probes, as he's no good dead...Optional Objective isn't obtainable at this point because of stupid. Proceed to finish gates and clean up.

4 vs. Scimitar: Every Other Thalaron Burst the Heavy Cruiser, Star Cruiser and Atrox gets blown to pieces. D'Kyr has the smart sense to stay near me and switches to a support role, something the others aren't happy with.

"Don't support this noob, kill it!"

Help finish off Scimitar, am surprised that I'm tanking this thing (barely, but still).

Mission ends.

(the following numbers were rounded)

D'Kyr "HCR: 4.2k DPS, SC: 4k DPS, D'Kyr: 3.8k DPS, Atrox: 3k DPS"

Me: "What was mine?"

HCR: "Why bother asking, you're an escort mine is obviously going to be higher."

D'Kyr (Whisper: Are you sure you want him to know?)

Me (Whisper: Of course I do, I know what my ship puts out usually)

D'Kyr: FAE: 11.6k DPS

Me: Huh, that's about 1k lower than normal...Odd.

From here the Heavy Cruiser player begins to explode on how I must've been cheating, it's impossible to get that high DPS...etc...
He then insisted on Dueling me afterwards with his buddies. D'Kyr switched sides to watch the ensuing pain that was about to come and said he'd only heal me after I destroyed a craft.

I can't ever remember if they broke my shields...Yea...He was mad...