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here is the repost.
Any update idea would be a great help. e.g new eng consoles.

I also made the skill on sto academy not Cmdrskyfaler. so will update that asap.
I just feel its a good build and I cant let it Die.

All thanks goes to Cmdrskyfaller for his info and work on making this a B'rel torpedo boat build, this build will work on a T'varo or any Enhanced Battle Cloak ship.

the notes found below are just copy's of his posts.
As you see these builds work around the torpedoes and there skills. But they were made before the big updates.

Here are cmdrskyfaller notes on b'rel torpedo boats and his build.

shield/engine/deflector setups:

Reman engine and deflector with KHG shields- plasma bomber
KHG shield and engine with omega deflector. - balanced bomber
Reman shield and engine with omega deflector. - plasma crit bomber.

Either three works depending on your playstyle.

"Only a sci captain can make a b'rel transphasic build workable... and its not very effective. sensor scanbeta3 for a massive hull debuff (-70% debuff if you have good sensor and atk patterns skill) then pump transphasics in there.

Two tricobalt torpedoes is a bad idea.
Simply because the tricobalt, unlike other torps, trigger other tricobalt torps into half timer (not global 1-2 sec timer).
So you can high yield the first and queue a 2nd high yield 15 seconds later..but when you fire the first tric high yield the second torp goes into 15 second timer...

so you really cant fire two high yield tricobalts at once.
If you thinking of spacing them out to fire every 15 seconds...well... you'll do a lot more damage firing some other torpedo.

Fore: Hyper-plasma, breen cluster, hargpheng, tricobalt Aft: plasma mine, breen cluster.

Timing of it all:

Hyper plasma: 6 secs (3 with doffs proc).
hargpeng: 15 secs
tricobalt: 30 secs
plasma mine: 30 secs (silly to fire it without dispersal pattern)
breen cluster: 45 secs.

the firing order:
Fore: Breen cluster, hyper-plasma, tricobalt, harghpeng.

*You can replace the tricobalt with the omega torp.

opening salvo is the full fore loadout from 6km range using omega1... by 2km you should have unloaded all ammo and even tossed an extra hyper plasma trio of unbuffed torps.
aka, by the time you break off @1km there is a massive ball of torps just 1km behind you.
Toss plasma mines out as you break off.
I use dispersal 3.
I use plasma because all my dmg consoles are plasma based. plus the tricobalt torp being fired triggers 15s cooldown on tric mine so.. it throws timer off.

anyways.. you toss the mines out at 1km, break away while still under omega1 speed boost.
when you see your ball of torps hit, hit atk beta 1, fire the breen cluster and swing the nose around.
just as you swing around atk omega effect will wear off.
As you swing around the plasma mines will 'trigger' and the cluster torp will be halfway to target.
Fire all available fore weapons... what this does is the hargpheng fires..and its SO fast it will hit the target and inflict beta1 on it.. just as the plasma mines breen cluster mines are about to hit it.
big time hull damage furious super stacked plasma burn from your 3x stacked heavy plasma torp dot harpheng dot stacked plasma mine dot stacked triple regular torpedo plasma dot.
...and it will have 1 more trio of hyper-plasma torps on the way and perhaps an unbuffed tricobalt too.
The reason for tossing the breen cluster out the rear is that under heavy AI aoe beam fire it will saturate the target with mines to hit..the plasma mines and the breen mines and all have a higher chance of hitting.

do you still use honor guard set ?
KHG or Romulan mk12 set work very nicely with this. The KHG is best but you should start with the romulan set first until you get used to the setup..the KHG will boost the damage but you need to fire the torps much closer since they slower...and you get caught in your own torp blasts.

Boff layout:

Cmdr Tac: HY1, HY2, Omega 1, Dispersal 3
Lt Cmdr Tac: Tac Team1, Beta1, Omega1
Lt: Your choice.
Lt: Your Choice.

The LT slots are up to you. I have multiple LT boffs for this ship depending on what im doing.

STF: Hazard 1, Repulsor 1; emg to engine1, aux to dampenern- This enables me to remain mobile, heal and repulsor to fix any screw ups from pickup teams.

PVP: Hazard 1, Scramble Sensors 1; Mask Energy Sig 1, Scramble sensors 1 - This enables me to heal, re-cloak if im forced out of cloak and dual scramble sensors are godly with the doff that adds 10 seconds to enemy scramble sensors breaks tractor locks.

Doffs.. 3 torpedo timer reduction doffs and 2 scramble sensors doff.

Flow Capacitors - tachyon beam particle burst tyken rift (LT level)

Decompiler - increases duration of disabling abilities (tricobalt mines/torps, photonic shockwave torpedo, etc).

Countermeasures - jam sensor, scramble sensors.

Particle - Grav well and particle burst.
Note: Flow Capacitor and Countermeasures are a must.

Those are your key b'rel lt level ability stats.

For sci captains (sci support torpedo brel) :

The above plus Graviton- photonic shockwave
shield emitters - (improves your heals to team)
here is a lobi store build. very price

here are my cheaper rep torpedo builds for science and a tactical captains

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