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11-07-2013, 04:56 AM
Mine was just two nights ago. I have a character that, for some reason, I had forgotten to get a MACO ground set for, so I was working on getting up rough omega marks for it. Since I new getting the optional a would help, I usually used premise groups with me fleet, all of us being in fleet retrofits. However, no one was on at this point in time, so I decided to PUG it. Worst decision ever.i joined KASE and immediately realized I was in for a ride. Here was my team:
Me: Fleet Tactical Escort Retrofit, Tactical
Sci captain: Freebie obelisk with default swarmers (and weapons I think)
Tac captain: (probably a troll) Still rolling a Miranda
Engi captain: Rolling a long range science vessel (wtf?)
Sic captain: Going with a patrol escort

So here I am, in this game with absolutely no competent players, but I can't afford the leaver penalty because I need these marks. So I follow my fleets usual strategy, two guys take right gate, two take left, and we leave our fleet leader with a huge dps cruiser to guard the vortex, which should really be an easy job, they're just probes after all. When I am finished with one of the transformers on the right gate, I head to the other one, picking off a few probes on the way. This is when I see that all of the other players are barely holding off at the vortex. Eventually, I decide that I will have to lighten the load coming from my gate or we will lose because 4 people could handle probes. I take down the second transformer, and head to the gate. Used to having a partner, I die about 5 times before taking the gate down. Of course, this gets me yelled at that I have a horrible build and that I "don't deserve to be filling in for Jimmy!" So I'm guessing that this is a preformed group that I get thrust into. I repeat this process for the other side and then it comes time for donatra. This is where the Miranda dude actually (not really) reclaims himself a little. He has the emission seeking torpedo on his ship, so he can actually hit Donatra when she is cloaked. However, this battle turns into her cloaking, decloaking, and no one but me knowing to get out of the green circle. Eventually (after 1.5 hours) we win, and Share dps. there ships got around 1k, and the Miranda got significantly less, while I got about 12k. This is when the cheat insults come out, and I decide just to leave.