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Originally Posted by tacofangs View Post
You guys are looking at this wrong.
It's a "CityShip." You guys are focused on the ship, not the city.

NYC has an average population per square mile (as of 2010) of 27,012.

The CityShip is 135km long. Let's say 40km wide (I don't know for sure, just a rough guess.)
135x40 = 5400 square kilometers.
5400kmsq = 2085misq

2085x27012 = 56320020

Now, you might say that the Voth Ship isn't flat, it's 3d, and so we should be measureing cubic miles or something. Keep in mind that NYC isn't exactly flat either. Large buildings hold many people on a small square footage. Same for the Voth Ship. Though I would say the Voth Ship is likely more dense than NYC, so 56 million may be conservative.
Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey-
I said that Taco- see here. I tried to get a reasonable diameter for New York and tried to do a direct comparison.... didn't work out so well.

And yes that ship is taller than all the skyscrapers in New York or anywhere else (except the Sphere), it's not like counting stories in a building. It's essentially hundreds or thousands of flat cities stacked on top of one another.
Originally Posted by grylak View Post
I'm afraid it's still smaller than V'GER. Depending on which cut of the motion picture you see, V'GER was stated to be either 2 AU, or 82 AU in diameter (granted this was just the exterior energy cloud, but it was still part of V'GER).

Which basically means, V'GER is the same size of the Dyson Sphere itself, or a hell of a lot larger.

Unless you are talking purely about the smaller craft in the cloud centre. In which case, we could just throw the Unimatrix ships in as it.

I look forward to throwing my Sovie into this monster.
Of course we're only talking about the 97.5km ship in the center. No one ever refers to the 12th power energy field as V'Ger. That would be like referring to a starship by their shields. (Though it could also be argued that the ship isn't V'Ger either as he's the probe, but he is hardwired into the ship so....)

I would like to see Unimatrix Command Ships against V'Ger. Just to the see them be annihilated by Plasma Energy Bolts themselves from the grandmaster.
Originally Posted by edalgo View Post
I can't imagine in canon only 5 Starships facing off against this thing. Did a bit of theoretical work last night with some fleet mates, these are excellent foundry writers and are creating their own sci-fi universes, and we came to the assumption that it would take an entire fleet of over 2,000 ships to tackle this monster and that doesn't even cover the technological advances of a civilization 65 million years more advanced. It's curious how the Voth haven't evolved into more advanced Q like beings by now.

It would've made more sense to make this a 20 man event or more if the game engine could support more. Multiple wings of Starships with multiple mission objectives that a group would have to coordinate on.
Fortunately the Voth are not 65 million years more advanced. Their Doctrine causes quite a bit of technological stagnation. The problem with believing your society is perfect is that you don't advance. A two thousand year hold on their Transwarp Project? The Voth don't seem to innovate very much, in comparison so we're advancing extremely rapidly. Think about it, in the last fifty years the Federation has experimented with Phase Cloaks with limited success and failure, began building it's own Transwarp Network, began adapting Quantum Slipstream technology, began using Transphasic Torpedoes, the only advantage they have over us is the size of their ships and the refinement of the technology.

As for the number of ships required to take it down, the Death Star got destroyed by a single starfighter.

And did you see what the Mirror Defiant did to the Regent's Flagship?

It's not the size that's how you use it.
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