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Such fleets sound very effective, I dont doubt they can do it easily.

Also, all tactical consoles got diminishing returns, and I dont see why the fleet ones would not have it.
As explained by verline1, tac consoles don't have diminishing returns. Same applies to sci consoles. Only eng damage resistance consoles have diminishing returns.
Originally Posted by tpalelena View Post
I would say they need to be at least as good as the Mark XII purples, since they are mark XII ultra purple rare.

So they need to be better than the mark XII purples. Which means they either need to be 30% + some other bonus, or bigger than 30% damage boost.
Heh, they now have over 30% damage boost AND a very powerful bonus on top of it. The previous version with around 25% bonus damage and CritH/CritD were already better than Purple Mk XII. And you could even say that universally, because what does higher CritH and CritD mean? More damage. (Note, of course I'm talking about the damage specific tac consoles here.)

Due to the added bonuses, even the Embassy and Dil mine Mk X consoles are better than normal purple Mk XII consoles. Although you may get slightly less of a boost to the main skill these consoles attribute to.
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