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11-07-2013, 08:30 AM
they really need to do a massive upgrade on the game so it can accept late model cards.
I just purchased GTX760's. And STO will run in DX11 or DX9, but the amount of issues i have trying to run in either is ridiculous. I hope, after season 8, they stop releasing new content, and start working on bugs, and a new engine or repairs or whatever so we can run our late model cards,etc.
DX11 issues i have, is it keeps popping up with pixel shader warnings. no matter what i do, they keep popping up all the time.
The other issue is no biggy, but still, annoying, can't seem to take screen shots when it goes to a cut scene.

DX9 issues, will not select 1920x1080@60hz.....I know about the selection under screen res, which is refresh rate. But screen res stays at 1920x1080@23hz.
Other issues in DX9 are i will be playing, graphics look fine, then all of a sudden, the graphics look terrible, as if i have settings set to minimum. Which i dont, they are all maxed out.

I have all latest drivers. It is a new PC, and is i guess high end.
Also audio issues regardless of DX9 or 11. The more going on, I.e, big battles heaps of ships etc, audio virtually cuts out. Now i had this problem on my old pc, and PWE kept telling me it was my realtek drivers, even tho they were the latest ones.
Now, with my new pc, im using HDMI from my video card, straight to my tv, and it still does it. So, PWE, again, need to fix this game. Cause i for one, am getting tired of playing a broken game. I spent a bit over $2k on my new pc, and i am disappointed that STO is still broken. No matter what i do to try and get the audio or graphics sorted out, the game fails me. So, If they dont fix it soon, im going back to playing EVE or X3 or something. At least i dont have graphics or audio issues playing other games. Why is it only STO im having these problems??

Finished ranting

I will add to this by saying, my other GPU, was a GTX 275, and ran fine, except for the audio issues. Seems that wherever i look on here, everyone has basically the same thing in common in regards of issues, that is we are all using relatively new hardware. I didnt say all of us DO have new hardware, but seems the majority does.

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