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11-07-2013, 07:40 AM
some consoles do, some don't, I do know the armor ones do, and I remember when they changed it and why, it was the same time or right around the time they hard cap armor and shield res too due to engineers getting perfect shields, and perfect or near perfect hull res, and essentially becoming immune to damage in spurts.

They have never bothered with damage though, and as a result its essentially run rampant. its one of the few things that essentially has not been either thoroughly worked over, or beat to death with the nerf bat. it hasn't escaped totally unharmed, but in the scope of things its essentially done nothing but ramp up over time.

we have gotten creep on all sides, but the most telling has been damage, which between doffs, equipment, consoles, and buffs/debuffs, especially tac ones, this is why escorts are king for the most part right now, because damage is king, and nothing else really matters right now.

I used to have a running joke with gaming buddies, "Not winning, apply more dps" and it works in many cases, why, because unless mechanics are crafted specifically to defeat that sort of tactic it always works. don't need a damage sponge, aka tank, if the target dies in 3 secs flat, don't need control powers if everything's dead in 10 secs or less, don't need heals if nothings surviving long enough to over come self support heals. Don't need tactics and coordination if mechanics can be overcome by simply making the target explode faster.

This is what makes damage/dps creep the most damaging really, it edges out everything else to the point of making it more of a hindrance then a help.

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