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11-07-2013, 10:06 AM
Originally Posted by misterde3 View Post
*raises hand* yep, really enjoy Fleetops and playing it regularly with a buddy of mine.

However I think you need to understand something important: it's a fan-project.
So they can do whatever they want with their stuff, but it can never be used in a commercial product like Star Trek Online.
I know it's frustrating to be told but it's one of those things we need to live with:
material from other game companies and from fans (outside of a CBS-held contest like the one for the Enterprise-F) are not going to end up in STO for various legal reasons.
And that should tell you how messed up the legal system is. It is more concerned with litigation and money for the few powerful rather than the benifit of creativity and the greater gestalt.

Again I think back to Picard's quote to Q in "Ecounter at Farpoint"

"We humans know our past, even when we're ashamed of it. I recognise this court system as the one that agreed with that line from Shakespeare. Kill all the Lawyers."