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11-07-2013, 10:48 AM
Firstly, winning Crystalline Entity at present is a joke, it used to mean something when it was a proxy for DPS but now just spam crossheals and win, and get 2 pieces of vendor trash usually worth about 40k ec. Not a big deal. If you're worried about epeen add into the fact that yeah, the calculation right now is pretty much broken and takes dps as almost a non-factor, and it counts overheals, which is a horrible system.

What advantage does an Avenger with FAW/A2B/Marion have over a Scimitar with FAW/A2B/Marion? None. It only has disadvantages, serious ones. If right now Scimitars with Valdore consoles aren't a huge problem in pvp (and they're not) thinking that a far less threatening ship in PvP without the slurry of advantages Romulan ships have in PvP will somehow be new and scary is a bit illogical.

As a person with a Romulan main since LOR, any ship of mine in PvE feels very squishy if it doesn't have a Valdore console (e.g. from the wall of Tac-cubes in HSE). And it's a non-trivial problem with some of my Romulan characters flying non-warbirds (because it's fun) like my Jem'hadar Attack Ship, Recluse, or Temporal Sci. Not to even mention my FED/KDF toons.

Some players are asking what will Romulans get out of the deal... aside from their non-Warbirds being able to use the Valdore console, what more could you want? Having access to literally everything they could possibly want, and having huge advantages in PvP and PvE, more is required? OK end of rant haha