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Originally Posted by einheryar44 View Post
I disagree with this assessment as well. In order for the Valdore console to do lots of healing, the ship must being doing lots of DPS. Zombie cruisers are good at healing themselves, but their dps is very sub-par, so they would receive a lot less benefit from this.

Also, in PvP, zombie cruisers are almost negligible because 5 players with teamwork can easily kill even the tankiest one, but that zombie cruisers isn't helping contribute to killing the enemies in a meaningful way. That's why zombie cruisers aren't often brought to top tier PVP matches. Also why engineers are the least useful for top tier PVP, but that is another discussion. (Also keep in mind, the Recluse is the pinnacle of this gameplay anyway, which everyone has access to.)
You still have people zombying in kerrat or cap and hold, and there are some people that heal others that can zombie very good. Anyway what I meant is that even if zombies dont do all that much dps, the console is still OP for them, its still shield healing on top of everything else they have. Also the way people can nearly max all power levels now its possible to max weapon power while still having high aux and shields, so you can still get somewhat decent healing from doing FAW.
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