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Image quality is a little sucky because I took these with the Steam overlay. I think Valve has the JPEG compression set too high.

Uploaded with

Click the image to see it bigger. From left to right, the command staff of the USS Andraste NCC-94848:

-- Vice Admiral Kanril Eleya, Commanding Officer (Bajoran female from Bajor)
-- Commander Tesjha "Tess" Phohl, First Officer and Tactical Officer (Andorian female from Andoria)
-- Commander Birail Riyannis, Science Officer (joined Trill from Trill)
-- Lieutenant Commander Bynam Ehrob, Chief Engineer (Andorian male from Andoria)
-- Lieutenant Commander Reshek Gaarra, Operations Officer (Bajoran male from New Bajor)
-- Lieutenant Dul'krah, Clan Korekh, Security Officer (Pe'khdar male from Korekh Clanhold, Dar Klatus System)
-- Lieutenant, Junior Grade Dr. Warragul Wirrpanda, Chief Medical Officer (human male from Sagara IV)

Eleya is the captain, so I gave her a unique uniform. Sierra 4 jacket, leather boots, gloves.

Tess goes kinda for the Boobs of Steel motif. She's buxom and curvy and she knows it and isn't afraid to flaunt it, but she's also kind of a tomboy and the one who runs around on ground missions firing an assault minigun from the hip.

Birail is designed to be almost Tess's polar opposite: she's tiny and a little girlier with the skirt, stockings, and longer hair. I also like the way the stockings show off her Trill spots, though you can't see it too well from this angle.

Bynam's tool belt and gloves come from the Miner costume set from the T3 fleet dilithium mine. The mutton-chops look better if you can see them up close.

Gaarra is supposed to be a heavyworlder, so he's big and muscular. I used the open jacket with him because he's the ops officer, so despite being an engineer he doesn't need the protection as much as Bynam does.

Dul'krah wears a different jacket and colors from the others because he's a former MP from a minor species in the ass end of nowhere, and got special permission from Starfleet to wear his old uniform. He's also technically a heavyworlder, though his species lives entirely in space (they sold their homeworld to the Ferengi in exchange for getting a lift off the post-nuclear wasteland they'd bombed it into).

Warragul is supposed to be of Australian Aboriginal descent (his name is pronounced WOHR-uh-guhl). I based his face a little on Geoffrey Yunupingu. You can't see it too well, but he's got a mustache.
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