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Originally Posted by dunmovyn View Post
If you are a solid built lvl 50, you can get 700k of drops in a foundry mission each day, per toon. It doesn't take 2-3 hours, it takes at most ten minutes per toon. You have to play foundry missions built for farming, though. Each foundry mission is not created the same. Do not play in elite mode, play in normal mode. You get more ec in normal mode, and it's faster. Don't play the missions where you have to fly about finding foes, it's a waste of time. You want missions with no talk, no unneeded pop up conversations, with foes in nebulas that take down their shields.

I use "New Romulus Defense" by Zadabell. Just sit and shoot, and collect the loot, tap the satellite and map. Four maps, and your done. The cube is the last foe on each map.

A lot of people play "Fed Farm 102", but it is all Klingon ships, so any level can play it. Drops are scaled to the toon playing it, but loot will be lower as it does matter what faction ship you kill as to the value of the drops. Klingon is the lowest. So expect the drops in this mission to be 500k or so for a level 50.

"Griff's farm" yields 600-700k loot and 900 dil ore as the reward, but takes considerably longer to run due to the pop up conversations slowing things down, and a useless end scene.

Do not run the battleship rumble missions, drops are low because other allied and foe ships "steal drops" from you. You have to damage a ship to be eligable to get any drops from it's demise. It's slow too, as shields are up on the targets, and you have to fly around, chasing ships, a total waste of your time.

So pick a good mission to farm, and good luck.
That's pure luck. The best I have gotten from a farm mission is 500k. Now one tac console is 40000k . That's 80 days for a singel console. Lul what a ripoff.

Good thing that's done now with the Spire.
Let us wear Swimsuits on Foundry maps or bridges please! I would pay zen for that.