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11-07-2013, 01:39 PM
I wont argue that the tac MKXII consoles weren't over priced, they were, but they are also top end, end of the line, no other upgrades type things.

People want the absolute best they can have, but many times they can get by, do well, or even do very well with less then the absolute best.

These consoles are the new best thing to have, period. with them buffed up to MKXII level bonus, it just makes their additional numbers all that more insane.

That's what some of us are driving at, dps power creep, these arnt on par with current gear, and just a different flavor, they blow it out of the water, which means damage done goes up yet again.

So we escalate damage, it creeps up yet more, the new stf's with the voth have invuln shields and such, which means being able to get in massive amounts of damage between the shields up and down times will be king, how fast you can kill the ships in storming the spire means more points towards the completion, its a spiral that only leads to a single fix point of, if your not doing dps, using these consoles, your dragging your team down will start to be the mentality.

that's why power creep in almost any direction is bad, with tanks it can eliminate the need for crowd control, and healers. With healers and crowd control it can eliminate the need for tanks, but with DPS it can actually eliminate the need for anything but dps at a certain point.