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11-08-2013, 04:13 AM
Console schmonsole.

Where Cryptic dropped the ball, imho, with the LoR push for the KDF was on two fronts:

1) Romulans - c'mon, why roll a new KDF toon when you can roll an OP

2) Ships. Sure, it was nifty to get folks in there with a new KDF toon from the start - giving them a couple new ships down low, but in a game where you ding 50 in a weekend - why were no ships added for endgame?

There's the new mythical KDF ship that's constantly pushed off. How many new Fed ships have been added while that mythical KDF ship has been held out like as a shadowy carrot? There's the continued talk of various Fleet ships being added - the Fleet Kar'Fi is on the way, but hey - c'mon, that was only done cause they were doing the Fleet Atrox and Fleet Ar'kif. We all know that.

Fleet Assault Negh'Var? Been mentioned many a time...with nada to show for it. Again recently they've mentioned the Fleet Guramba and even a Fleet Marauder.

Hrmm, they just dropped out the new Cruiser Commands...and...there's not a single KDF boat that can run all four, because the KDF do not have a Cruiser. Tuatara or Brigand? Zilant, Talon, or Slavemaster?

The Roms have the Scimitar Dreadnoughts...not Cruiser Dreadnoughts, mind you. The Feds have the Gal-X (which, ahem, is held out as a shadowy carrot to the Feds as something that's supposed to get love down the road). Where are the Balaur, Ravager, and Warbarge for the KDF?

Cryptic may have looked at the numbers of new KDF with LoR and been disappointed. I say...duh! Going back to those two things, what did they expect? Diehard KDF fans had already rolled KDF - perspective KDF fans aren't idiots and those two items stand out like a sore thumb...a big ol' red throbbin' and shinin' cartoon sore thumb.

It's all good though...cause all the Fed players still complain they don't have enough ships nor powerful enough ships. Hey, they just got a Battle Cruiser. They'll probably get a Flight-Deck Cruiser before the KDF see a normal Cruiser. Heck, the Feds will probably get Raiders and Raptors and whatever else you please before the KDF see anything...

...but it's not a hate on the Feds thing, nah - cause you've got Rom players out there complaining that they underpowered and need better stuff.

It's just an epic /facepalm sort of thing...and it's going to be what it's going to be.

So never mind me, I'm just going to go back to flying around in circles healing in CE to get first place for those awesome Mk X rewards...