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Originally Posted by tpalelena View Post
I'm not really sold on that. 1.6% is added to your critical chance, not your severity right?
ok lets expand on this.


So lets say you have 5 consoles, the max.

4.5% becomes a total of 22.5% of the base damage or using the base 100 , its 22.5 more damage total. so your only loosing 22.5 damage per shot, if the base were say 100, even if it were say 500, your only be loosing 112.5 damage per shot.

the crit on the other hand is 1.6 so it becomes 8%. so that's a flat 8% more chance to crit, and a crit is the multiplication of the total weapons damage, + your crit severity.

so 100% or double damage, + whatever % of severity you have due to skill, weapons, acc over flow. but for this we will say double.

so using the base 100 damage for both, if you fired 100 times, youd loose 2250 damage compared to the best mods out there. that's over 100 shots, for 1 weapon.

Now that's compared to the same 100 shots, double the damage on 8 hits, but after adding in skill, weapon power, and any other damage modifications like captain powers, boff powers, doff effects.

So for arguments sake lets say the damage is 300, 100 shots, 8 crits, I know that's pure %, but but 8 x 300 is 2400 damage. and that's if you have zero crit damage bonus, its easy to get the crit damage bonus up to 40%, and possible to take it over 100%. but even if you only had 20% more sevrarity it goes from 600 damage a crit to 660, the 8 crits would add 8x60 damage or 480 damage, and that's just 20% severity.

Mind you those are dirty quick numbers, id have to get in game and take a weapon off, put it on to get more solid with, without weapons power numbers, but they are a good example of how much crit matters compared to a bonus calculated from the base damage that is added on top, not multiplied by other things.

that's the real reason he crit is so powerful compared to the damage, its a multiplication of everything as a total, were as the damage is based on the weapons base damage, and layered on top of everything else, thus not multiplied by power level, skill.


when im off work ill hop on and pull solid numbers for a weapon base, and a weapon with skill and 125 power.

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