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Originally Posted by talonxv View Post
ofcourse you go to the skill part. You conveniently leave out, size mass, different piviot points and the like. Please continue. This whole skill argument is quite laughable when you're comparing apples and oranges.

Please keep leaving out what's convenient for your argument.
Coming from the person arguing that the Ha'feh is basically an escort seated cruiser, that's adorable. But hey, if you want to get into inertia and pivots...

The Ar'kif and Ha'feh have a 10 point difference in their inertia modifier. 30 vs. 40 respectively. That's right, the Ar'kif has the more sluggish inertia rating. And to put that in perspective, it's the exact same difference between the Mogai and the T'varo (60 and 70 respectively).

As for pivot points, all of the nimble warbirds have their pivot points aft of center. There's nothing unique about the Ha'feh in that regard. It's just more noticeable on the wider winged ships because you have a honking vessel turning in a manner your brain doesn't think it should (Valdore skinned Mogais for example turn basically on the back end of their "tail").

Which gets us right back to "it's not the ship, it's your inability to pilot it".

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