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Originally Posted by aetam1 View Post
Differences between the factions can be nice. It motivates players to try the other faction and can help players who have seen everything to find something new, but I really do not care about the consoles.

Consoles are nothing but a bit of flair and for me they do not represent a faction. The difference should be in ships. A ship can really change the gameplay.
In the end none of that mattered when I chose KDF. I was playing both factions, when the starbases came I decided to focus on KDF and with the rep system my feds got neglected even further.
Why did I chose KDF? Because I like the flair, I like klingons. Did I look at the consoles? The ships? Not really. Although I do like battlecruisers. And it pains me to admit but all of my 5 KDF toons have a lockbox ship. I hope that will change with the next KDF ship release.

What the KDF would really need is a tv show focused on them. That would get us players.

Oh and for the pvp aspect: it would probably be best if both sides had access to all consoles.
it wouldn't be best if both sides had access to all consoles then there is one less reason to try other sides.
Feds need nothing new for a very mlong time, they will still have way more stuff then the KDF has anyway. Stop trying to take every last thing away from the KDF. Especially something we all paid 1500 zen for. If feds can get that in a lockbox for ec its just a plain insult and ripping KDF players who bought that off.
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