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Originally Posted by simeion1 View Post
There is an option that allows you to face your target. This will prevent your target from flanking you. I suggest turning it on. Will not help against multiple opponents. Which you could not do to begin with.
You didn't know that Catians can flank from the front just by jumping?

Originally Posted by majortiraomega View Post
Catians are the only race capable of abusing the shanty town terrain without cover shields. They can jump into the alley when under fire, then they can scale back up the wall to harass the other team with minimal risk to themselves. Catians are also the only race capable of getting jump flank kills. You know what I am talking about, using the catain's +75% jump to leap over a player's head while firing a pulsewave flank shot. The player has to do a complete 180 turn, and you can just hop back over their head to continue the cycle.

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