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Originally Posted by markhawkman View Post
the model size has nothing to do with Turn rates...... or any other aspect of how a ship performs in combat.... well except the range that enemies can shoot you at...
Total and utter crap. Ofcourse it has to do with turn rates. Take two cars for example. Give them the same engine. But make one a foot longer, half a foot wider and weigh about 3/4 of a ton more.

What's going to turn better? Cause guess what, this game still applies basic physics to how ships move.

Guess what. To turn a ship in space you have to act up on it by another force or it goes the same velocity till something acts up on it.

Well considering the Ha'feh on paper has the same turn radius as the Ar'kif, but is bigger ant outmasses it by hell I don't know what factor, it's still going to determine how it's going to operate in space.

Plus going into basic models models have MUCH to do with how ships turn because of pivot points. The pivot point on a Ha'feh is different from ar'kif. Why for me it's easier to keep cannons on target with an ar'kif rather than a ha'feh. It's the common reason why raptors are looked down upon compared to other tactical ships. Their pivot points are horrible compared to some of the tactical ships for the federation or BoP.

This is why you can just trust paper stats. They are the beginning on how a ship is going to function, not the end.
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