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Total and utter crap. Ofcourse it has to do with turn rates. Take two cars for example. Give them the same engine. But make one a foot longer, half a foot wider and weigh about 3/4 of a ton more.

What's going to turn better? Cause guess what, this game still applies basic physics to how ships move.

Guess what. To turn a ship in space you have to act up on it by another force or it goes the same velocity till something acts up on it.
The simple fact that you think newtonian physics are actually at play in STO's space combat explains a lot about your inability to comprehend STO's space combat. Or that a wheeled vehicle and a vectored thrust vehicle functioning in a zero gravity, near-zero friction environment are at all analogous, but that's a whole 'nother ball o' worms...

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Well considering the Ha'feh on paper has the same turn radius as the Ar'kif, but is bigger ant outmasses it by hell I don't know what factor, it's still going to determine how it's going to operate in space.
Size has no effect on turn rate in STO. There is no mass statistic. The closest you'll get is inertia modifier, and that is arbitrarily applied to each vessel with little to no regard for volume, materials and other factors that would in reality change the mass of a given object.

For example, as noted above the Ar'kif has a lower (IE: more sluggish) inertia modifier than the Ha'feh. Yet by your logic the exact opposite is happening.

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Plus going into basic models models have MUCH to do with how ships turn because of pivot points. The pivot point on a Ha'feh is different from ar'kif. Why for me it's easier to keep cannons on target with an ar'kif rather than a ha'feh. It's the common reason why raptors are looked down upon compared to other tactical ships. Their pivot points are horrible compared to some of the tactical ships for the federation or BoP.

This is why you can just trust paper stats. They are the beginning on how a ship is going to function, not the end.
Players who are familiar with the intricacies and idiosyncracies of STO's space combat can quite easily look at the stats on a given ship and know exactly how said ship is going to perform with a very good degree of accuracy. Above and beyond that, don't ever assume that someone hasn't flown a given ship.

But we're getting very far afield of the problem at hand: your assertion that because you can't keep a Ha'feh's nose on target, the ship is incapable of doing so. Which is blatantly, and utterly, false.

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