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Regarding Resists + Healing foiling standard damage, it sounds good in theory, but it leads me to this thought.. If dodge chance is supposed to be the foil to crit, then having dodge chance capped at about 35% or so, so we dodge at about the same rate we crit, would work? Without other changes, I have my doubts...
I wouldn't go quite that low, it's possible for Tactical officers to reach 60% Critical chance for brief periods of time. I had suggested 75% as a cap, but as Hawk said, they don't want to cap dodge at this time.

Originally Posted by nulonu View Post
The dyson tier 5 ability isn't really OP at all. That +1000 is a bit misleading. The ground set's hunker down makes you more resistant then this does. It's more like a vascular regenerator that gives you a damage boost. Unlike the other rep clickies tho, the cool down is 5 minutes w/o tac ini. It'll be useful for sure.
The Nukara Strikeforce, New Romulus, and Omega Force Tier V reputation systems are intentionally locked out of cooldown reduction when they were released with Season 7. There was a dev post about it in the Tribble test section on how they didn't want the tier V abilities reduced by cooldown reducing abilities. If the Dyson reputation is reduced by Tactical Initiative, the devs really need to know about it. +1000 damage resistance isn't too shabby though, it's enough to maintain a 75% all damage resistance by the damage resistance diminishing returns formula standards. It's going to make playing with that ability active rather difficult to kill.

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There is an option that allows you to face your target. This will prevent your target from flanking you. I suggest turning it on. Will not help against multiple opponents. Which you could not do to begin with.
When directly above a target, the cat is within a player's rear 180 degree arc. Flanking damage is applied. It's why you so many cat players jumping back and forth over a player's head.

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