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Originally Posted by buccaneerdtb View Post
So then are you saying that this is not true?
I see there being a lot of broken things - that might need to be addressed (imho) - before they were to tackle anything as resource intensive as adding Floater combat.

Besides, if one is going to dream...dream big, eh?

Imagine a battlefront/warfront where the battle lasts 2-3 weeks (depending on what happens during the battle before resetting). Where you have multiple unlocks and combined arms.

Everybody starts out on foot.
You can unlock floaters.
You can unlock ground vehicles.
You can unlock power armor.
You can unlock flight-capable power armor.
You can unlock fighters/shuttles.
You can even unlock a limited number of starships.

You capture bases, set up teleporter/transport pads, etc, etc, etc.

You have that mix of RTS/FPS - a massive epic battle.

Of course, you're going to deal with miserable KDF population it would likely be garbage and hideously lopsided...thus never happen.

But hey, if one's going to dream - dream big - dream awesome!
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