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11-08-2013, 03:07 PM
Originally Posted by feiqa View Post
Sorry to ask this but I really don't know it.

How do you get the DPS record for STFs?

I am curious how I am doing in my Atrox.
The game has a combat logging function (which you can turn on with /combatlog 1 and off with /combatlog 0), and external programs exist to "parse" the combatlog. There are several to choose from, of varying complexity. If they're properly set up, they should all give similar results. ISE is the best STF to parse, since it keeps the team together (there's a range limitation- if an ally or enemy is too far from you, your combatlog won't record their action).

Here's how I do it. One of several options, again, though my knowledge of the others is probably outdated now.