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Originally Posted by azurianstar View Post
I don't like these new Fleet console changes, it's far more effective than the old Mk12 consoles. So like with the Embassy Consoles..........why bother even playing Toys in hopes for a Mk12 Very Rare console, when you can buy one.

Cryptic is totally ruining the STO Economy with these retarded consoles and really pushing power creep to insane levels that there won't be any challenge in STO. Especially when Elite STFs are now doable in 3 minutes, when before it was 4.

So thank you Cryptic, you dumbed down Elite. Might as well rename Elite to Normal and Normal to Easy.
Power creep you have an argument, i don't mind the power creep myself but can't deny its happening and has been happening allot.

As to ruining the economy, no they are ruining it for those who were console crafters who sold mk 12 vr consoles for ridiculously high prices. For the vast majority of players in this game who do not run console crafting armies these fleet consoles are great news from an economic standpoint. I for one will be very happy with not having to shell out 200mil EC everytime i want to try a new energy type or equip a new character. Crafters will still be able to make and sell there consoles, as demand for them drops so will the cost of artifacts and particles, just won't be able to make as much.

Oh and elite stfs in 3 min, our current records for all but Hive is around 1:20
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