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11-08-2013, 08:02 PM
Originally Posted by john98837 View Post
Power creep you have an argument, i don't mind the power creep myself but can't deny its happening and has been happening allot.

As to ruining the economy, no they are ruining it for those who were console crafters who sold mk 12 vr consoles for ridiculously high prices. For the vast majority of players in this game who do not run console crafting armies these fleet consoles are great news from an economic standpoint.
You're forgetting the number of people who pay for all their various stuff by farming NADORC and particle traces and selling to those crafters, or farming SB24 and Minefield hoping for Purple11 tac consoles and paying for their gear that way. Its easy to rant and rave about The 1%, but there's a lot more to an economy than just them.

Also if you need to rebuy purple12s every time you change energy type, then isn't the problem your epeen, not console costs?