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Can I ask what TS this took place in? I assume Panda TS but that might be wrong. If it was then I'm pretty sure all Sad Pandas have the ability to kick from the server, I'd have to check my own privies to see. But i'm sure enough people have at least one or online that would be happy to pop on and put out any fires if needed.
Hi Reg.:-)

This took place on the Panda Ts server. I was on ts one night with this drunk person rambling. I chose to not act on it as I thouth this was just a one time incident. (Allthoe i wasnt present at the latest incident, I got conformation from players present that it was the same individual as when i was on their TS) I do have server admin rights for the TD TS server and if anyone else doesnt solve this problem, I will....


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