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tbh death star is small. I like the idea of having a playable dyson sphere



-4 for 4-aft

each weapon could have the visuals of 16 beams so it would look like its actually caring more powa


hull res mod-25.5


special=Omega particle burst-fires massive aoe omega burst causing massive damage and stop targets from engaging warp fore 4 minutes even when not in combat.

boff layout cmdr-tac ltcmdr-tac -cmdr eng -cmdr eng cmdr sci

16 eng slots

12 sci slots

10 tac slots

uggh still seems a little up though
needs frigate hangers. 4 of them

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can you say attack pattern angry forumers 3?
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Considering Ryan broke 25k in a NX, I expect he could easily pull 10k in an Escape Pod with a Hand Phaser.