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Originally Posted by majortiraomega View Post
I wouldn't go quite that low, it's possible for Tactical officers to reach 60% Critical chance for brief periods of time. I had suggested 75% as a cap, but as Hawk said, they don't want to cap dodge at this time.

The Nukara Strikeforce, New Romulus, and Omega Force Tier V reputation systems are intentionally locked out of cooldown reduction when they were released with Season 7. There was a dev post about it in the Tribble test section on how they didn't want the tier V abilities reduced by cooldown reducing abilities. If the Dyson reputation is reduced by Tactical Initiative, the devs really need to know about it. +1000 damage resistance isn't too shabby though, it's enough to maintain a 75% all damage resistance by the damage resistance diminishing returns formula standards. It's going to make playing with that ability active rather difficult to kill.

When directly above a target, the cat is within a player's rear 180 degree arc. Flanking damage is applied. It's why you so many cat players jumping back and forth over a player's head.
Yep been doing this since day one it seems simply the logical move and anyone doing it too clearly knows how to play the game. In any case cats are an extremely minor issue now in ground pvp as opposed to a year ago. Really it's shanty that provides the only significant advantage to cats now. Once disable immunites are readded the pounce chaining will no longer be an issue. The extra dodge a cat has is useless if they have no dmg resists left to to physicists hiding behind constant hard cover only coming out to release doff exploited debuffs than hiding again. Think a popular kind of chocolate to know which pvp fleet I am referring too that literally can only win via this tactic. Gonna suck for them when the stacking gets nerfed since they have no good tacts.