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11-09-2013, 09:03 AM
Originally Posted by playhard88 View Post
I think u are doing a great work, but if cryptic don't support you, there isn't much else u can do. And by support i dont mean give a respect token for free, i mean real support, they do a giveaway of 5 romulus pack and 1 legacy pack in a stream, can't they put prices for pvp tournament or events too?

The thing with bootcamp is that u need support from cryptic and not from our part, maybe a few teachers, but we won't signup as students, after serveral years of pvp all of us know the basics..

About the tournament, probably u need to start with something smaller, some short tournamnets (again, with cryptic support) in order to promote this kind of events, and launch the "big event" when you have obtained enought attention to have a large playerbase
Yes, this has been suggested and I think its the right route to take. Thanks!