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11-09-2013, 10:56 AM
People talk about 'expensive this, expensive that'.

Y'know, something most don't think about is...

Anything new that is released that is considered good will ALWAYS be expensive. Period. It doesn't matter when it is released, if people want it enough, it will get expensive.

Honestly, I don't consider the 'cost' to be a limiting factor into PvP. Lockbox ships, AccX3 weapons, Mk XII purple consoles, etc, that is all small stuff in the long term. You don't need the absolute top-end gear to be good in PvP.

What bars entrance more than anything is the grind. Particularly rep grind. Even if, pretending for a moment, we had the resources to give all the best stuff to any new player to PvP, it wouldn't change that the person would still need to grind rep for the passives (and any particular gear they wanted out of it). Also, there's the other big limiting factor, knowledge and skills.

I don't mean that like 'lol, l2p noob' or anything. More that the game really doesn't teach much of anything. Even at level 50, most people just...don't know that much. Not their fault, if the game doesn't teach, it doesn't teach. But it is their fault if they are unwilling to try and learn. Say, if we put a new player into a perfectly balanced Tyler Durden match, in which they would be on a team pitted against an equally skilled team, but the new person refused to do ANYTHING whatsoever and just got mad for whatever reason, even if it was a 15-14 match (win or lose for the new person's team). At that point, it'd be the person's fault for refusing to learn or listen to criticism.

Past all that, I'd say the EC-requirements anymore are pretty small at this point. Sure lockbox ships might be the top of the line most of the time, but honestly, any decent C-store ship or fleet-level ship will do 99% of the time and be perfectly competitive. We also talk about how rep and fleet stuff is power creep, and it is. But it is also accessible to ANYONE.

ANYONE can get the STF sets, anyone can get all the nifty Romulan plasma weapons, anyone can go and buy an Elite Fleet Shield, etc. It's not kept in the hands of a small amount of 'uber-level players'. It's power creep, but it is power creep that anybody can get.
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I must admit, respect points to Trendy for laying down the law like that.