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11-09-2013, 11:08 AM
I have two spotlights!

Both KDF - ones about the Gorn, "Stray Dogs", and then a 5-part Series, "Crucible of Battle"

Stray Dogs:

This was my first attempt at the Foundry, so I get somethings wrong like east and west LOL:

"During the height of the Gorn Wars, a renowned Klingon Fleet, Wing 327, disappeared without a trace. For months afterwards, the Klingon Defense Force scoured the galaxy in a vain effort to discover the fate of the once mighty fleet. You and your crew have been ordered to investigate rumors of the recent sighting of the fleet, along with the mysterious marauder attacks along the frontier."

Crucible of Battle, "Storm Clouds":

I designed this for PvP practice with a great story! Originally I used the Old Romulan ships because one can't create KDF enemies, so now it's kinda odd when the "KDF" ship explodes like a Romulan!!

"Set amid the tumultuous intrigues of a dissident group known as the "Triumvirate," seeking to bring an end to Chancellor J'mpok's reign, a ruthless adversary has arisen from the ashes of Romulus. Hesiod Severus is unforgiving in his loathing of the United Federation of Planets, and the Klingon Empire alike. Vowing to restore the Romulan Star Empire to greater glory, Hesiod will stop at nothing to uncover the mysteries of the "Totality,"an ancient creature whose destructive power he will unleash to give birth to a new empire."

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