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# 1 New LCARS Looks bad here:
11-09-2013, 12:02 PM
You may have noticed our new LCARS textures are in. Thomas the Cat made a new texture sheet for the LCARS, and we save over the old, blue texture.

As such, this texture will now auto-propagate to anywhere that was using the old blue textures. (That's Good!)

However, people over the years have been sloppy, and unwrapped consoles in hideous ways. (That's Bad.)

The old, blue, blurry texture hid the bad unwrap jobs people had done. (That's Good!)

But the new texture, which is clearer, and higher res, will now make those terrible unwraps very apparent. (That's Bad.)

Unfortunately, there is no magic fix. We have to go through object by object and correct the UVs. I can't guarantee when that will happen. It will take a while.

But you can help! Post here with a screenshot of a cruddy Unwrap, and tell us where you found this piece. This means anything that looks stretchy, wonky, flipped, upside down, backwards, whatever. I'm going to correct the most commonly used assets shortly after this goes to Holodeck, but there are likely many small, one off pieces that are going to be ugly.

Again, there is no promised timeline here, it will happen when I have a chance to touch them up.

Here are some examples of bad UVs:
(I'll take some shots and put them here on Monday)

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