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11-09-2013, 12:54 PM
It is kind of painful if you stop and look back at it. Much easier just to look at the little snippets that you do along the way.

Ranking up Reputation.
Reputation gear costs.
Ranking up various Fleet Holdings.
Fleet gear costs.
Various Lobi gear costs.
Ship costs.
BOFFs & BOFF training.
Exchange gear.

Yeah, it's much better not to try to figure out the actual cost involved in getting your toon to where he or she is...when you consider you only have to do that for three "relatively/subjectively" miniscule aspects of the game (NWS, Speed Runs, PvP). The overwhelming vast majority of the game can be played without any Rep, without a Fleet, without any DOFFs, etc, etc, etc - basically just whatever RA ship you picked and whatever random gear you picked up along the way.

Course, truth be told - STO's aimed at an extremely casual player and have set the bar extremely low...nothing wrong with that, it's good for revenue - let's all sorts of folks play that might be put off by a challenging game. Let me pause to state that I'm an average player at best - on a really good day, I might be average - many folks that have run into me in game know that - but for those that don't, yeah - I wanted to pause to state that so folks didn't think I'm flopping about with a whale of an ego. I suck. I know it. I can live with that. So a lot of that stuff that some might see as not being needed for anything but a few things, well - it allows a lot of folks to do things they may not otherwise be able to do. STO wouldn't be moving along like it is if it were just dependent on revenue from Speed Run and PvP folks.

In the end though, it's a definite trip - painful trip - down several flights of stairs - over a balcony ledge - down a few floors - bouncing off the street and getting hit by a bus - only to see your girlfriend making out with another's a definite trip how different it is between playing one of your geared guys and one of your not geared guys. Things you might take for granted and not even give a first thought much less the second thought...yeah, it's a trip.

Still say that Cryptic needs to RvB the queues and then work out some sort of internal gearscore mechanic to separate the queues after that.

Now, I don't want to make any comparisons to other games - but I do want to offer a comparison....ahem, yeah. It's a dated comparison, but hey - it's a pretty good one imho.

Consider the gearing of a fresh level 80 toon back in WoW after the initial release of WotLK. Remember that gearing was pretty much the same just before the release of Cataclysm. Think about the gearing of a vet 80 toon just before Cataclysm. Then remember the same fun with Cataclysm 80 gear being so much better than the majority of Lich King 80 gear (just like what happened with LK after BC and BC after Vanilla).

If you can remember that...well, take a look at what's going on with STO, eh?

STO's doing the same thing - without the new more difficult content, without the level cap increases...

It's all the gear progression without any progression. That gap between a fresh 50 and a vet 50...heck, the difference between a fresh 50 and a 50 a month or two out...the difference between a fresh 50 with no friends and a fresh 50 with friends...etc, etc, etc.

If we go with a Common Mk IX being level 40, a Common Mk XI being level 45, and a Common Mk XII being level 50...we can extrapolate that (though it's likely wrong, I'm going to do it anyway)...

A Green Mk X = Common Mk XI, Green Mk XI = Common Mk XII...

Green Mk XII = Common Mk XIII
Blue Mk XII = Common Mk XIV
Purple Mk XII = Common Mk XV
Ultra Rare Mk XII = Common Mk XVI

Mk XI to Mk XII = 5 levels
Mk XIII = 55
Mk XIV = 60
Mk XV = 65
Mk XVI = 70

So you've got fresh folks in level 40 ships using level 40-45 (maybe 50) gear...fighting folks that are in level 70 gear, eh? Heck, that's not even taking into account how some of that level 70 gear drank deep from the well of powercreep and is probably level 80 or higher.

Yeah...what do you suppose happens?
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