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Originally Posted by antoniosalieri View Post
Sounds about right... all the top players do the the same. Fed or Klink. Its not hard to see what will happen to new players. Top that off with 3-4 years of experience over a new players and yes its not hard to understand why most of them throw there hands up.

I know I sound like I'm bragging when I say I make 20-50mil ec a day ect ect.... really though I do and I then spend it. Dropping stupid amounts of ec on stupid weapon ideas lockbox ships for the giggles ect. I know people that have decided on a whim to create ultimate healer toons and have dropped insane amounts on one toon. Most of us have all likely done that with out newly minted romulans as well.

I will say it is very possible to put together a toon that can hold its own under 20mil.

Perhaps more of us need to take some of those new players when we see them under our wing more and donate them some gear.

I try to do that a few times a month... it won't make people great pvpers alone. It does help remove a mental hurdle though. I have also found that by helping people with some improved gear it often leads to questions... like "why should I use X or Y" which likely helps them more.
What I am really mad about is not the amount of money spent - it's the amount of money spent by these very good players who then use this tuner gear to roll pug players. They will destroy pvp. Myself I knew why I died quick - they were a focused team and as soon as they saw me as the biggest threat they 5vs1 ganked me to take out the most dangerous target firstw then easily move off to pick the rest down with a few shoots. 3 feds were fairly noobish - one won't be coming back for sure - the others I don't know.

So why do you spend all this time and money just to stomp newer or more casual players? For Cryptic it's all 'metrics' and this carp is just going to equal more people trying again maybe next few weeks and saying: screw this!

At this point I blame the PvP vets just as much as cryptic.