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Originally Posted by newromulan1 View Post
What I am really mad about is not the amount of money spent - it's the amount of money spent by these very good players who then use this tuner gear to roll pug players. They will destroy pvp. Myself I knew why I died quick - they were a focused team and as soon as they saw me as the biggest threat they 5vs1 ganked me to take out the most dangerous target firstw then easily move off to pick the rest down with a few shoots. 3 feds were fairly noobish - one won't be coming back for sure - the others I don't know.

So why do you spend all this time and money just to stomp newer or more casual players? For Cryptic it's all 'metrics' and this carp is just going to equal more people trying again maybe next few weeks and saying: screw this!

At this point I blame the PvP vets just as much as cryptic.
Can PVP vets be as much blame?

Can you blame them for putting in the time, effort, grind, RL or in game money to maxmise and optimise their builds.

Can you blame Team work for being OP???

It's Cryptic to be blammed FULLY.

Where are the balanced queues? Where are the queues with no rep/ only white gear???

Where is the fully integrated and fully working Team speak integration?

You enter a street race, there are bound to be ferrari's and high end Lambourgini's. Can you blame them for winning countless races, grinding and saving up to get those cars.

No ones gets that experiance and high end gear over night.

It is alot better than before believe me. How many STF'S did you do to get your Omega/ MACO/KHG set, not sure about you but it took me just under 1000 and that's not an exaggeration.

Instead of looking for others to blame, have a look at yourself before you cry foul. It aint their fault their more experianced and have grinded their gear.

You do know it is a pugmade as well, can you expect your own team to have 3 Scis and 2 Tacs with builds maximised for team play? 8/10 times it's all tacs because everyone wants to blow things up or having self preservation builds with minimal cross heals i.e 23 sec RSP and no extend shields

Maybe those on your team want to farm Dilithium too, or complete new players not distributing shields and having rainbow build.

Money is not the end all. Whenever the JHAS is in a lockbox and people win it, look how many hit the queues and die quickly, inexperianced, fail builds e.t.c. You can't give a ferrari to a person that just learned to drive for example.

You have to take things into context before blaming others, you had a underpowered/ under experianced team. It happens to everyone, putting experianced players with new players and pitting them against a team who has team play and experiance will mostly lose.

Add to that cheese and you have a recipe for rage quitting.

Others quit PVP others don't. Either way it's your choice, you can either refuse to be beaten and get better, get advice, get the gear, transcend self builds and more team builds. Have a SCI toon healer.

Losing is good, makes you critque your builds and note what works and what doesn't. There is never a quick fix to PVP. All good player lose, it's how they react to it that matters.

So the question remains, are you going to throw in the towel and QQ or you going to refuse to give in and fight back with avengence?

Are you a man or a mouse, which are you?

If you don't want to be pugstomped use Tyler durden for all your organised PVP needs
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