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Originally Posted by reginamala78 View Post
What about having the simple decency, the sportsmanship to dial it back some when you realize you are much, much better than your opponent though? When you're just playing say Soulcalibur or Smash Brothers for fun with your friends, especially when its your game and you know it much better than they do, do you pull out your best characters and hand them their ass round after round, or do you go random select and make sure everyone's having a good time?
Easier said than done, but if I am on TS with my fleet mates or others and it's obvious it's a pug stomp we stop communicating.

It's not like we could get into our shuttles mid way through the fight.

Also take into consideration not all VETS and new players are honourable. Both will rage what ever you do.

If VETS hold back and lose, the other team gloats and doesn't care the 'excuses' if the VET team holds back and still wins, the other team crys foul and accuses of hacking/ pug stomping e,t,c

Your damned if you do and damned if you don't. Please see it from both sides, it isn't as simple as taking our shields off is it?

there's so many guides out there for decent builds and how to survive, hilbert, DDI and Mimey e.t.c

Either way, it's about your current attitude.... do you take it like a man or do you die crying???

It's PVP someone's got to die....
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