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11-09-2013, 04:46 PM
As far as this 'rolling pugs' goes - im not sure thats the real issue. People who like to pvp are naturally going to be good because they practice, discuss, theorycraft etc - and they naturally populate the ques - you cant begrudge pvp 'vets' for playing.

The reason people fee like they are just there to roll pugs is that the amount of people interested in pvp is abysmally low, and if 2 premades are in the ques they can pretty much dominate all the casual players. - If there was more of an interest in pvp, a casual player might have a chance at having an even match against other casual players, but then.... casual players are chased away from pvp because of the few premades..... Im not sure there is a solution. The learing curve, and the disperity between the player skill of casuals to veterans is too much.

Speaking for myself, I wouldnt rate myself as casual, but I am certainly not your 'veteran' either. I feel slimy pugging because I can rail casual players, but I cant hang against grizzled premades because im just not good enough.