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11-09-2013, 09:03 PM
I know where the sentiment comes from... and I think I agree with newrom.

Cryptic is #1 to blame for the state of pvp... but in many ways Vet PvPers are not to far behind in a lot of ways.

I know I got board playing my klinks long ago party for that reason.

I am not taking anything away from people playing klink now or then... nor am I blaming them and singling them out. It was just that it was a small population of people that where hard core pvpers and had pimped rides... and almost always knew what to do with them... and in almost every case pug matches where a slaughter fest... and even kerrat 99% of the time was the same way... picking off folks that where just inferior to the point that it wasn't much fun picking on them anymore.

What would annoy me to the point where I would find myself being vocal in zone chats... was when that level of players would end up with 2-3 p2w consoles strapped on to top it off.

Its not that I honestly find most of the P2W consoles that bad... the issue is NEW PLAYERS perceive them to be pure pay to win. So what happens is they get beat 99% by team work... and players that are honest PvP players... and all they remember is that on of there 10 deaths happneed after someone dumped an AMS or Aceton on there heads.

It is all about perception of new players... all they hear is "you need your rep" "Accx3 or don't bother" "Lockbox ships or your holding your team back" "Fleet shields are the only option" "get your borg 2 piece" "get your other borg 2 piece" "get a marion doff and your life will be better" "you really need helmsman... everyone else has it" "Leech you have to drop that 2mil on the leech or you will be down power vs everyone else".

I could go on and on and on... and as someone with EC I buy those things... I could only imagine how a New Player would feel if they asked for honest advice in Opvp. They would honestly get that list... and after doing some quick calculations... they would likely just say to themselves. I don't think I really like PvP that much... forget it.

We need to stop making it worse... by taking our Premade Pimp boats out in pugs and then throwing the cherries out there in the forms of console skills that just frustrate new people even more.
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