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11-09-2013, 09:52 PM
i just cant bring myself to do anymore then im already doing to help pvp. which is keep an eye on my pvp thread, kinda. really i just end up ignoring it for a week, and im not really sure why. i think i just feel foolish spending any time on it because pvp is such a dead end, such an elite club that the only good advice i can give is grind first, have fun later. its still fun for me to do it, i have a high % of the toys. but working to get more people interested in it just feels more and more pointless.

i really dont think our efforts will pay off until PVP content shows up in patch notes. perhaps table bootcamp and what ever else your up to till cryptic starts leading. the people that could help the community dont see it as worth their time, because they wont be able to have any actual impact until cryptic's official pvp policy stops being pretend it doesn't exist. we are lucky some of the system guys, proboly just on principle, want to keep things as balanced as possible for pvp, just in case 1 day that will actually mater to a real significant number of players.

the latest G&T gecko interview talked about there being a need to revamp everything that still is as crummy as it was at game launch, like the federation story content, pvp and crafting. if we actually see things going in that direction, and not ANOTHER new npc faction/adventure zone/rep/fleet holding, there might actually be some hope that pvp will get something next year.
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