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11-10-2013, 01:02 AM
Originally Posted by aquitaine985 View Post
Nobody doubts you're passion for improving PvP or our community, Drk. But you have to remember the demographic you're working with. You told me all those months ago to trust in Cryptic, to play the long game, you were convinced that PvP was going to be addressed in at least a small way with Season 8. And it hasn't.

Now, if that ^ happened in Season 2, or 3, we as a community would kinda understand. But when you're been told over and over for 4 years to hold our collective breathes, you can't be surprised to find a great deal of animosity or bitterness towards Cryptic and it's PWE Overlords.

Whether you like it or not, nothing is going to be truly successful until Cryptic gets behind it.

You organize Bootcamp well, and when it comes to *BootCamp* you make a great difference but that doesn't mean your choice to make a PvP Senate is too, or the idea to do BC podcasts, or the idea to do BC tournaments, or the idea to do a new type of gametype. It's TOO MUCH!

I (personally) have no faith in it anymore. I like the fact some of my guys are Coaches, and I like the fact some of LAG were students too. But I personally resent the fact that somebody has lulled you in with the promise of not-too-distant PVP content when deep down you should know better.

I aploud everything you and BC continues to do, I still suggest BC to newer players as a means of breaking into the community. - But I have to weigh that up with the cold reality that Cryptic and it's PWE babysitters have turned PvP into a heavily monetized place, where power-creep and the power to make a quick buck have ruined the game for us all. I don't blame PvPers, it's in our nature to do the best we can to win with what tools Cryptic have given us. But again, that's the demographic you've got to work with.

The day a Dev Blog gets posted that says Cryptic is going to invest in PvP, you will expect the numbers for your projects to SKYROCKET! The whole PvP community will jump on your wagon and with them everyone who will be eager to try PvP when they see the Dev attention. That won't happen without Cryptic making the first step, though.
Thank you Reg.

I appreciate your sincerity and I agree that I am partly the cause why Boot Camp lost it's focus.

I got carried away with things to be sure, partly because I was just excited by what it could become.

There is merit in the sentiment that so long as BC is doing what it does it could potentially prevent Cryptic from needing to do anything.

I believe though that PWE is specialists in numeric data and behind that their profit margins determine development.

The footprint of PvP needs to grow in order for serious changes to be made. It's not our fault, I agree. The community does not need to come-up with the solutions for PvP, that's Cryptics responsibility.

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