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11-10-2013, 05:58 AM
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I don't get why threads like this burst into flames at times, yes BFaW is one of those skills when 4 people use can be troublesome but what happened to people trying to stay alive long enough to annoy people who use it? You can't win every match but if I am to lose I still use it as practice in staying alive after all its a game not real life. Oh and on a side note you can get past BFAW spam you just need to be fast and get behind the ships; granted you wont get behind all the ships doing it sometimes but thats what your RSP, TSS and EptS is for to buff you while its on and then you can get cross healed or something.

I find Adapting is easier than crying Nerf most of the time
You gonna pay for our respec tokens then?
Yeah, thought not.
Funny how any other game I've played, using broken mechanics is deemed cheating and bring an instant ban from servers.
Even funnier is how an honest gamer can't get anywhere in this game without lowering themselves to outright abuse of a broken system.