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11-10-2013, 06:49 AM
you should have known better getting in a 1v1 in a game that had mechanics clearly not built for such competition.

You lost because you fled the batle, after not being able to kill him before his tactical retreat, which was a perfectly reasonable action for him to take, when the alternative was to sit there like a fool and get slagged. Running away and cloaking is no different then popping your aux2bad rsp3 and putting it on global cooldown - Its annoying, and you may even think it is dishonerable, but like I said, you had set yourself up for a 1v1 in a game with mechanics that clearly arent designed for a 1v1 - and before anyone says they are, take matches just like this for example.

1v1 is the stupidest thing people do in this game, I particularly like it when aux2bad rsp gcd dem/faw LoR Babies try to convince my silly bop to get in one with them. Ego gratification much?