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11-10-2013, 06:56 AM
Originally Posted by jelly0 View Post
Patch just ate another 6gb of my hdd space, will I be getting this back because I find it hard to believe a patch is 6gb.

STO Folder is now 26GB

btw, why the hell is this site so slow.
My STO-Folder is 27 GB and it divides as followed:
11 GB Playtest (aka Tribble)
16 GB Live (including a 5 GB prepatch folder)

So everything is just fine with you. And if you watch closely at the prepatch-process you should notice the launcher actually NOT downloading whole 6GB if it was done before. It Says patching 5-6 GB but downloads just some 30-100 MB depending on the bugfix added.

Its the same with nearly ALL patches: an amount of x MB/GB is to be fixed and it only needs to download y(<x) MB/GB because its all packed data or changes/adds some lines of code to the files directly.

If it really downloads the whole patch everytime it might overwrite the current data - so there might be an issue. I recommend watching closely at the 2 lines of patching (the second line indicates amount of downloaded data).

Just to mention: I disabled on demand patching for it was to troublesome for me waiting to get that done whenever I enter a changed zone. I prefer having an up do date game just from the start. I don't know if that raises the size of the S8 patch, but honestly I don't care for above reason.

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