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11-10-2013, 09:56 AM
Originally Posted by ijimithy View Post

Oh and on a side note you can get past BFAW spam you just need to be fast and get behind the ships;

Um...that's a curious statement. Given that vast majority of ships produce the least damage out of their rear arcs in general, obviously trying to sit on their tushie in a 1v1 situation is where you're going to want to general. There's nothing special about trying to do it against a single player using FAW. Just like you want to stay out of the fore arc of the cannon guy, you want to stay outside of the broadside on a beam guy.

It's very curious in the team environment, though, how many people set themselves up as the target by doing that. They're reducing their speed and thus their own defense to sit there - not literally sitting - but it requires far more control to stick on the tushie. That attacker is screaming for the SNB, VM, Scan, Tractor, et al from another enemy player - setting the attacker up to be the target as that FAW boat presents broadside. Or heck, in a situation against multiple FAW boats - they're just making themselves that much easier to be hit by the others, reduced Def leading to increased Crit and quicker death.

Adaptation, as you mentioned (outside of the cost do so, to keep up with it, which I'm sure Cryptic enjoys...meh) - can mean many things. Using standard tactics isn't really adapting...