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# 133 new fed tutorial
11-10-2013, 11:01 AM
I have been having a look at the new stuff on tribble and while I find most of it first rate my one disappointment is to see that you have not added the early missions from the fed tutorial as available for current fed characters.
when you updated the kdf tutorial mission you added `empire` with about 5 new missions from `dutys of command onwards that started basically just after the kdf character had taken command of the ship for all current kdf characters to play through.
now as I see it you have the mission `field promotions` and `assimilation of the innocent` not sure how many more yet that pick up in about the same place yet there is no opportunity for current characters to play these missions.
this means that most existing players will miss out on all the extra story line you have provided unless they have the space to roll another fed or if they can be bothered.
I think this is a real shame.